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Located at the Main Stables at the Hamilton Racing Club allows the Stables to offer an excellent range of facilities to owners including:

  • Two grass tracks
  • Sand track
  • Sand roll
  • Swimming pool
  • Bullring

The Stables complement the Racing Club facilities with access to a high speed treadmill and E-Trakka heart rate analysis.

High Speed Treadmill

The Stables use a high-speed classic treadmill, the Classic Treadmill 940.  Purchased in March 2010, it is used to assist prepare horses as part of their normal training programme or through any rehabilitation phase and is designed to complement the current training facilities. It has a speed range between 0 and 50km/hour with an elevation of seven degrees.

The Classic treadmills are built with the safety of horses and operator in mind using high quality components and top class workmanship.


The Stables also uses E-Trakka technology that measures heart rate and speed to help inform decisions as to the preparedness of the horse to race.

In general, E-Trakka technology helps to understand the fitness of each horse being trained at the stables. E-Trakka measures the horses heart rate speed through GPS technology installed on the rider’s cap and a recorder on the saddle blanket.  The data is then downloaded on the computer for analysis.

By comparing charts following each workout and noting the variations between them Allan can use these results in conjunction with his other training tools to develop a complete picture of a horse, its fitness and its potential for racing.

If you would like to learn more about E-Traka you can visit their website: or contact Allan for further information.

Float Travel

The Stables has a three-horse float that transports horses to and from race meetings. The float features some of the latest designs such as:

Exhaust Fume Diverter System so that horses in the float are not collecting fumes from the vehicle while towing; and

Airbag suspension that provides a softer ride for the horses on long journeys.  The airbags can be inflated or deflated depending on the number of horses carried in the float.

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